Sesame Street meets Life Hacks

Real information. About real serious life shit. Brought to you by puppets. An explainer / life-hack type series that tackles the complicated, often overwhelming issues that we all face as humans growing older in this modern world - but, with one big fun fuzzy twist: the issues are addressed by a fun-loving group of energetic puppets. 

The show doesn’t shy away from the stark realities of these issues, but it presents them via manic puppet interaction, catchy musical numbers and vibrant visual spectacles.  

The puppets will deal with a broad range of topics: mental health, finances and debt, climate change, political activism, relationship struggles, sexual fantasy, aging parents, fighting bureaucracy, the looming threat of nuclear annihilation. The information about these issues will be conveyed in a simple, entertaining manner, reminiscent of children’s shows of the 70s and 80s. The pill won’t necessarily be sugar-coated, but it may be glammed up in feathers and felt, tap dancing and juggling chickens. 



Dirty Jobs meets The Imposter

A series that follows our comedic host as he tries to master careers that are literally impossible to become an expert at in the time he has. 


Brain surgeon. NBA starter. 1st chair symphony violinist. Mother. Fighter jet pilot. Tattoo artist. Michelin star restaurant chef. Ballet dancer. Late night television host. Senator. 


In each episode, our host tries to give himself a crash course on the occupation or pursuit. He talks to other experts, studies the field, tries to get hands-on experience where he can. We follow his journey, the kinds of people he meets, how people respond to him. Whether they actually try to help him learn, or shun him as an insane person. Along the way, we actually learn quite a bit about the thing he’s trying to become world-class at. By the end of the episode, he attempts the Big Leagues version of whatever he’s been studying to become. And we see the resulting (likely) trainwreck. But he weighs in with perspective about what he’s learned on the journey. 



Reza Aslan’s Believer Meets Ripley’s Believe It Or Not

Investigative explorations into the most bizarre, insane, banal, surreal, unsettling and mind-boggling beliefs in which people find meaning. Hosted by a personable comedian who is into things that stray well off the beaten path (either someone like Seth Morris, Jason Mantzoukas, Kate Berlant; or someone more on the pleasantly bemused but playful side of things, like Paul Scheer, Paul F. Tompkins or Jen Kirkman). 

Each week our host goes down the rabbit hole with someone who finds deep meaning and purpose in something that most people consider fringe, weird, taboo, or wouldn’t even have considered otherwise. Flesh manipulation and body modification, sexual fetishes, spartan living, online role playing communities, paraphernalia collecting, sports statistics, extreme workouts, ancient religious practices, search for life beyond this realm. 

The experience is fully immersive; our host joins in on the activities in an attempt to attain the same level of meaning, or at least come close to beginning to understand it. The host also tries to identify the relatable commonalities; what aspects of this seemingly insane pursuit are not really that different from mainstream searches for meaning.